Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the future of architecture and design. Imagine being able to walk through your house before it is even built. This is now a reality and Virtual Reality is a game changer in the world of design and architecture. Aspect is at the very forefront of this revolutionary design tool and it’s new dedicated virtual reality studio in Dungarvan is now established.

You can use Aspect Virtual Reality if you are going through  the design process with Aspect Architecture or even if you are designing your house through others. Remember, Aspect Virtual Reality service can be used in any part of the country or even any part of the world.

If you are designing your building through Aspect Architecture sit back and enjoy the Aspect VR experience as this is included in your design package.If you do not use the service of Aspect Architecture in your design stage don’t worry – you can still avail of Aspect VR. Simply email or drop in your plans to the Aspect office. We will then transform these drawings into our own 3-D model which can be brought into the Virtual Reality world.

Clients can avail of our VR experience in two ways

Visit Us

Once your VR model is ready you can visit the VR studio where you will be offered a two hour experience in our studio. This experience will allow you to ‘roam’ throughout your new home undisturbed. You will be able to see every element of the design and decide where and if you want changes.

Meeting facilities as well as a tea and coffee dock are also available to clients during their VR experience. At the end of your visit we will issue a BIMX file to you and present you with a set of panoramas and a pair of customised VR goggles where you can continue to enjoy your building in VR from the comfort of your own home.

Remote Clients

If you are unable to visit the VR studio or if you live far away Aspect can facilitate you. Your VR model will be downloaded to the cloud where you can gain access to it and view it on your own PC or mobile device using the BIMX (free downloadable app) in the comfort of your own home.

Included in this package we will also provide a panorama package of images which you can view. To enhance this experience we will even post you a customised pair of 3-D goggles where you can view your VR digital model through your mobile phone giving you the benefit of VR at home.

View our VR work

View a sample of our VR works to see what we can do for
your project. There are two different variations of VR
viewing – Walkthroughs and Panorama Viewing.


firstly download the free BIMX app HERE then click on the link HERE to download and view the ASPECT sample walkthrough. Use your mouse, your WASD keys and / or your arrow keys to move around and through the house giving you a full viewing of the house internally and externally. This is best viewed on a stationary PC / tablet (in my opinion). However the walkthroughs are best viewed using our in house Virtual Reality Studio where you will benefit from our VR headset and will feel as if you are really inside the space where you can really walk through and immerse yourself in your new house.


this doesn’t need any special downloads so just click on each link shown below to view the panoramas of each space / room in the house and also all four external images. The panoramas allow you to feel as if you are standing in the centre of the room and you can view a full 360 degree rotation of that space. These images are best viewed on your  mobile phone (or tablet) due to it’s mobility and you can also insert your phone into a pair of VR goggles where you can view the panoramas in Virtual Reality mode – insert yourself into VR.

View our Panoramas


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Link 1  Link 2  Link 3  Link 4  Link 5



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