It is recognised that there is more to building a house or any other building than the design of the building. To this end Aspect works in a  multi-functional dynamic team that offers a full feasibility and tender  service for your project. Aspect Tender provides the hub service for this team where every element of the project can be designed and managed from start to finish of the project.

Imagine an office that you come into and every element of the project can be designed from architectural detailed designs, engineering services, energy assessments, interior design consultancy, landscaping designs, feasibility studies , services design etc.

Through Aspect Tender services all this can be achieved. Clients will be offered the services of the entire group at the beginning of each project and each project can be streamlined to make best use of the group to allow the most efficient and professional service necessary for each project.

What’s involved in the process?

Project Review

Whether your project has been designed through us or not we can carry out a tender service for you. Your project will be initially reviewed thoroughly at the commencement of the tender process. Talking to the clients any necessary changes from the initial design will be made at this stage before detailed drawings are made.

Specification Analysis

It is important to establish the specification detail with the client.  Construction methods are reviewed and agreed on at this stage and materials are reviewed. Aspect tender issues a number of items of homework to the client and using our specially developed material database the  clients will be able to chose materials for their building including roof materials, sanitary materials, insulation products, heating methods etc. Using this information a tender package can be established which outlines a thorough specification for the overall project.

Ancillary Specifications

Aspect tender will help the clients to co-ordinate every element of the design including any ancillary items outside of the build itself. Kitchen designs, floor finishes, interior design, landscaping etc are all variable items and these items are all considered in the tender process and budgets are established for all these items allowing  for a full budget to be prepared for  the project.

Builders List

Agreement is made with the clients in elation to the list of builders to be invited to tender and Aspect will contact all the builders to establish the final tender list.

Tender Submission

A full and detailed package of drawings, reports and specifications will be prepared and issued to the final agreed builders list.


The initial prices submitted may be high and at this stage some variations to the most competitive prices can be made where prices can be reviewed and revised to allow the budgets to be met to a satisfactory level for client and contract.


A contract will be established and administered between the client and the contractor where all items of the  project will be agreed and the contract will then be signed allowing for a fixed  price contract to be entered.

Construction Folder

Before completion of the tender process a comprehensive and detailed  construction folder will be handed over to the construction team. This folder will include all relevant drawings, schedules , details , reports and documents required for the construction of the project and this will be the definitive set of drawings to be used for the construction stage.


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