Project Management

Aspect’s service can continue through your construction process as an add on service from our tender stage. While a lot of work has been carried  out throughout the tender stage it is now essential to ensure the project comes together.

There are a number of elements to a successful project management team and each element has their own importance:

Architectural Design Team

Aspect has been with you from the start and we want to see it through. While the majority of architectural design work has been carried out in the design and tender phases of your project it is important to avail of architectural consultancy throughout your construction process. This allows for interpretation of the drawings, design reviews and general consultancy services throughout the build process

Project Manager

This professional is a liaison party between the design team, construction team, engineer, interior designer and the client. The project manager ensures that the budget and the timetable remain as per contract agreement and any negotiations will take place through the project manager.

Energy Consultant

The energy consultant will work with the design and construction team in terms of energy efficiency. Discussions and agreements can be made in relation to these decisions ensuring an energy efficient final product.

Supervising Site Engineer

The site engineer is responsible for structural design and structural inspections. Certification in relation to  mortgage and finance drawn downs are also under the remit of the super- vising site engineer who will ultimately provide the detailed certification for the project

Health and Safety

An independent health and safety co-ordinator (PSDP) will be made available for appointment by the client to carry out site inspections and ensure compliance with health and safety  standards on the construction site.

Interior Designer

The interior designer will work with the clients from an early stage in the  process. All finishes will be under the remit of the interior designer who will work exclusively with the clients for design and finishes procurement once the finishes stage of the project gets under way and will ultimately ensure a clean and concise finish to the project.

Aspect has established a dynamic team of professionals to carry out these services to help your project run as smoothly as possible.


Aspect Project Management is only available as a follow on service
to Aspect Tender – give us a call to discuss your project particulars.

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