Through the following pages you now have the opportunity to avail of our online Virtual Reality Services or order a house design from our online Catalogue. View the services below to see what’s involved.

ASPECT Virtual Reality

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What’s Involved

Aspect VR is now a standard service offered to all our clients. However, whether you are a person planning their own home or a professional assisting a client on a project and require VR services, Aspect can help you realise your home.

Just send us your project drawings, and  we will draw them up in the VR world and return the finished files by email.

For detailed information and prices see below.


ASPECT Catalogue

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What’s Involved

Aspect Catalogue is a collection of our pre-designed houses available for you to purchase.

Choose and order your specific house and once payment has been made we will package the various drawings purchased posting a hardcopy and emailing a digital copy to you.

For detailed information and prices see below.


ASPECT Virtual Reality – See what we do

View a sample of our VR works to see what we can do for your project. There are two different variations of VR viewing – Walkthroughs and Panorama Viewing.


firstly download the free BIMX app. You can then click here to view the ASPECT sample walkthrough. Use your mouse, your WASD keys and / or your arrow keys to move around and through the house giving you a full viewing of the house internally and externally. This is best viewed on a stationary PC / tablet (in my opinion). However the walkthroughs are best viewed using our in house Virtual Reality Studio where you will benefit from our VR headset and will feel as if you are really inside the space where you can really walk through and immerse yourself in your new house.



his doesn’t need any special downloads so just click on each link shown below to view the panoramas of each space / room in the house and also all four external images. The panoramas allow you to feel as if you are standing in the centre of the room and you can view a full 360 degree rotation of that space. These images are best viewed on your mobile phone due to it’s mobility and you can also insert your phone into a pair of VR goggles where you can view the panoramas in Virtual Reality mode – insert yourself into VR.


What you are paying for

When you order the Virtual Reality service you will need to download your files onto our system. To carry out this service for you we will need to receive your files in DWG or PDF formats. If using PDF it would be helpful if the drawings were dimensioned. The more information that you can provide us such as the colour of windows, type of stonework, etc the better it is for us as we can input this data into your drawings. We will need 10 days then to programme your design into our Virtual Reality system and once ready we will then simply email you with confirmation of completion and attach a link where you can download your completed files. When you order our Virtual Reality service you will receive the following package:


1. A BIMX file of your property where you will be able to ‘walkthrough’ your building , around the building and into each and every room.

2. A second file which will contain a full list of links which will include individual panorama views of every room in the house as well as panoramas of each external elevation.

3. While the above files will be able to be downloaded from the cloud via our link (which we email to you) we will also post (yes – standard post) to you a set of Virtual Reality goggles with instructions on how to use them. These can be used to view the Panorama images allowing you to immerse yourself in VR in the comfort of your own home.


What is the pricing structure?

The level of detail provided depends completely on your requirements and range from €300 (excl. VAT). At the minimum you will receive the base  package which will provide you with a VR experience of your new building. Under this package we will generally provide standard floor finishes and furniture etc from our own library. However should you require a more customized Virtual Reality experience you are welcome to contact us and discuss more detailed and personal touches such as specific light fittings, type of stone to be used or even colour of paint finish that you want in each room! Our price list is as follows and T&C’s apply:

1. External model only – €300 (just external imagery of the building)

2. Base package (new builds) – €400 (starting package)

3. Base package (extensions) – €500 (for existing houses)

4. Housing developments – €400 per house type or €150 per unit plus €1500 site layout


Additional Options

1. Studio experience – €100 (where you book our studio for the afternoon and immerse yourself in VR)

2. Structural analysis – €800 (the structural elements are analysed – each joist , rafter , beam etc)

3. Floor finishes (specific) – €100 (you provide us the floor type and we’ll make the experience more realistic)

4. Wall finishes (specific) – €100 (you provide us the wall finish type and we’ll include it for your project)

5. Electrical fixtures – €100 (tell us whether you want chrome, brass, white light sockets etc and we’ll include these)

6. Services (pipes / wires) – €500 (useful for hidden services and for as-built drawing packages)

7. Joinery (skirtings/architraves/win boards) – €100 (tell us the detail and we’ll include it)

8. Landscaping – €200 (be specific about the tree types, locations etc and we can provide a realistic setting)

9. Site specific background – €150 (if you want to set your VR experience in the actual landscape that it will be built in then we can visualize this for you)

All fees shown are subject to vat at prevailing rates (currently 23%)
T&C’S Apply to ASPECT VR services and can be read HERE

Order ASPECT VR for your project

Clicking on the button below will bring you to an Order form where you can choose the list of services you require for your project. Should you need more information regarding the services available please contact us directly.

ASPECT Catalogue Houses – see our selection

View the selection of houses available on our Catalogue page here.

What is included in our service

If you like one of our pre-designed houses simply let us know which one and we will issue you the relevant sets of drawings for your use. Once we receive your order we will need 10 days (maximum) to prepare the drawings and post them out to you. When you order one of our Catalogue houses you will have an option of which package to purchase :

1. Planning Pack

8 no. copies of drawings are provided here (6 for planning and 2 for your own files). The drawing packages are provided as bound A3 sets which can be used as part of your planning submission. The drawings will include general plan layouts, elevations, typical sections, roof layout plan and 3-D images of the house. A basic outline specification document will also be provided. This planning pack  will also be issued to you (via e-mail) in digital PDF format allowing you to  use the drawings in a digital method  where required.


2. Tender Pack

This pack includes everything outlined above in the Planning Pack and in addition you will also receive further detailed drawings (2 sets of tender  drawings) which you can use for pricing purposes. The full set of  additional drawings issued (on top of  the Planning Drawings) will be detailed floor plan layouts, detailed  elevations, detailed sections, window  and door schedules, detailed specification document, detailed  preliminary BER report. The tender pack (and accompanying planning  pack) will be posted out to you but will also be issued to you (via e-mail) in digital PDF format allowing you to use the drawings in a digital method where required.


What is the pricing structure?

Planning Pack – €800
(8 no. sets of drawings)

Tender Pack – €1500
(8 no. sets of drawings ; 2 no. sets of tender drawings)


Associated add-ons (optional)

Additional hardcopies – €50 per set

Virtual Reality Pack – BIMX file and Panorama file (emailed to you) refer to VR pricing

Aspect Tender – where you can appoint Aspect Architecture as your own tender management team where we can tender your project for you and take the stress out of this project – see our Aspect Tender page

All fees shown are subject to vat at prevailing rates (currently 23%)
T&C’S Apply to ASPECT Catalogue services and can be read HERE

Order your ASPECT Catalogue house

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