Introducing Paul Ahern and Aspect Architecture

I have been operating in the design practice for almost fifteen years at this stage and in private practice for 12 of those years. I have seen a lot of designs for houses … some good, some, well, not so good.

Designing a shape is easy… ask any child to draw you a house and they will. Easy peasy! However the tricky bit is to get it right. Space has to flow smoothly , volumes have to be appreciated, proportion ratios have to be met. That’s the technical jargon , however the most important element of all is that the house design needs to work for you…. the client.

So I will say to anyone endeavouring to start any design orientated project is to sit down and think clearly what the brief is. What do you want to achieve ,  what spaces work for you and your family. Don’t tell me that you want a 3000 square foot house if you really need a 2000 square foot house.

Be sure , but realistic.

aspect architecture blog image of kids house designv

Anyone can design. My daughter’s design concept – She’s 8!

I am a doodler, always have been, always will be. Once I start any project design  the first thing I will do is doodle. Give me a notepad, a pencil (and sometimes a glass of wine) and I will happily sit for hours doodling. In truth I rarely get the design right in those few hours… it’s generally an hour or two later when I don’t have a pencil or notepad. Designing is fun and when the design is reviewed positively with the clients then this is satisfaction. That’s when a project feels right, when the client is as enthusiastic as myself about the design. A solution  an always be found to your design when client and design team work together, not when the client waits to be handed a design. After all it’s your house. Have an input. My doodling is the reason that this website has come together. I love architecture and designing homes and buildings. The website shows projects that have already been carried out , shows projects that are conceptual but it also shows what can be done……dare to dream and always dream big!

So I am using this website to show you who I am and what services Aspect Architecture can provide to you. So if you have a project or even an idea for a project – be it a private house or a development idea pop into  my office , have a chat to me and a solution to your design can be found.

I look forward to showcasing Aspect Architecture.

aspect architecture blog image of road ahead

An interesting point – everyone has different views on design – I took a picture one day of a cloud formation (thought it was interesting). I thought it looked like a dog. My wife told me it looks like a duck. Still think I’m right but we’ll pretend it looks like a duck (for the sake of peace and harmony). Someone else even told me it looked like a cloud!! What do you think it looks like? As I said everyone has a different outlook….